Amazon Helpline

Any respectable business will understand that innovation is the key to success. Without a constant acceptance of changing markets, demographics, and trends a company will inevitably fail. One company that has been on the continuous cusp of innovation is Amazon. Amazon has developed a company standard revolving around customer experience and has used every forefront of available technology to do so. With customer satisfaction being their number one priority, Amazon uses new technologies available on the internet and the real world to maximize work place efficiency and customer satisfaction. Not only does Amazon use innovative technologies to help achieve their goals, they also help the lives of their employees. By providing a positive work environment with competitive wages and flexible hours, Amazon has removed much of the stress from employee’s work lives, allowing them to focus on their immediate task; get the product to the customer.

Amazon’s Customer Centric Approach

Amazon is an internet based retail site that sells everything from toilet paper to electronics. By offering customers a large selection of items all in one place, it keeps customers on the website as opposed to going to their competitors. Amazon also offers an affiliate program. This program allows other users to create links back to Amazon’s main website or a particular product. If the visitor who clicked the link purchases an item, the Amazon affiliate will receive a percentage of the purchase. This incentivizes affiliate to drive traffic to Amazon. Another great aspect of Amazon is its Fulfillment program. Amazon Fulfillment is a program that allows product sellers to ship their items to Amazon warehouses. If the item is purchased, Amazon will handle the shipping of the product while the merchant receives most of the funds with Amazon taking a small percentage per sale. It’s a great program that has helped grow many small businesses. But Amazon was not always the corporate giant that it was today.

Amazon’s History

Amazon was founded on July 5th, 1994 by Jeff Bezos. Bezos graduated from Princeton in 1986 and began to work on Wall Street in the field of computer science. He then began to work for Fitel, a telecommunications company and then later at began work at Bankers Trust. After driving from New York to Seattle, Bezos drafted the idea for the Amazon. Amazon began simply by shipping out parcels and other objects. Eventually it moved on to electronics and eventually began to design its own website exclusive electronics. Eventually, Amazon even went on to create a streaming service for both audio and movies. Bezos is known for being very involved in Amazon despite his high position and financial success.

Amazon’s Helpline for Everyday Shoppers

Amazon has created a new standard in both the work place environment and customer relations. Amazon allows customers two day shipping to anywhere in the country if they are subscribed to their Prime service. Customers receive an experience that is unparalleled when compared to other online retail providers because the company is focused primarily on customer satisfaction. It has also created an awesome help line support that customers can contact whenever they need assistance. Amazon has truly revolutionized the way we look at internet retailers.