British Gas Helpline

For over 200 years, British Gas has been powering homes and businesses across the nation, and they’ve built strong connections in communities across the UK in that time. As they’ve grown in recent years, they’ve made steps to stay in touch with the people and communities they serve. And as they continue to grow, improve, and spearhead new initiatives, they’re committed to serving their customers in an efficient and effective manner.

British Gas Leading the Industry with Renewable Energy

On average, British Gas uses more renewable resources than other UK energy suppliers, and that’s just the beginning of what British Gas is doing to make a difference in the UK. They’re committed to finding innovative ways to help communities make smarter decisions about energy use, providing high-quality apprenticeships in school programs, and continuing the charitable work they’ve started with the British Gas Energy Trust. As a company, British Gas is committed to helping their customers every way they can, and they’re serious about transparency. Customers who call to check balance with British Gas can be assured they’ll be able to speak with someone who can speak about all the ways British Gas is making a difference in communities.

British Gas Customer Service Approach

British Gas maintains a high standard when dealing with customers, and even has codes of practice in place to ensure that each interaction with customers is handled the right way. They know what matters most to their customers: sending correct bills every time; giving customers many easy ways to pay bills; smoothing the way when customers are moving home; and helping customers make the right decisions about pre-payment. British Gas is so committed to customer service that they’ve dedicated £50 million to making their call centers more efficient and customer friendly, and have also committed to lowering complaint levels by twenty percent. They have a solid plan of action in place to make British Gas the best it can be, and they know their customers will be able to tell the difference when they call to check balance and speak with helpful customer service associates.

Because of all the time and funds British Gas is reinvesting in local communities across the UK, their profit margin for each energy bill is just five percent. Like every business, British Gas has daily operating costs that reduce their bottom line, and taxes that take more. They also face unique challenges in getting energy to some communities and into homes, creating infrastructure costs that reduce profit. But British Gas remains committed to reinvesting in the customers and communities it serves, even if that means remaining at a lower profit. Customers who call to check balance can ask about the six factors that go into their bill, and learn more about what British Gas is doing every day.

British Gas Serving Families

British Gas has been serving UK families and communities for generations, and looks forward to continuing their legacy of service. They’re taking great strides to make getting energy easier on their customers, and are truly investing in the communities they serve. Into the future, British Gas hopes to keep customers happy and communities thriving.