Scottish Power Helpline

Scottish Power has placed many different power lines around their region, and they have many different customers who must dig for a new construction project. The company has created a team that will paint lines marking where the lines are located. Each line that is created for the customer is recorded by the company, and this article shows how customers may reach Scottish Power easily.

Options When You Need to Call Scottish Power Customer Care

Scottish Power has created many different options for customers to call them, and there are a few different items that must be considered when customers wish to have line painted. Customers may call for a passive appointment, and a crew will paint the lines as soon as possible. Customers may ask for an appointment where the work crew explains the location of the lines, or the crew may be dispatched to a construction site for a consultation. There may be other items that must be addressed on the work site.

The work crew painting lines will spend only a moment completing the job before moving on to the next location, and they will help customers understand why the lines may be painted. The contractor who is working on the site may ask for help, and they will speak with Scottish Power about how their work is to be done. There is quite a lot of cooperation that may go on, and the customer must ask Scottish Power for help when they are truly concerned.

What to Know Before You Dig

Simpler methods for handling digging projects do not exist as Scottish Power has created a contact line to call their phone number before digging. The digs that are done cannot be started until all power lines are marked, and flags will be placed bear the dig site to ensure all lines are avoided. Scottish Power wishes to show its customers how to save time, and they will ensure everyone’s safety by preventing the cutting of a large power line.

Power lines are easy to find when the customer wishes to dig, and they must check with Scottish Power to ensure all power lines have been noted. There many be multiple locations on the same property to be checked, and the lines will be much easier to check if the crew paints their lines around the property. Work crews that are asked to paint for many yards to ensure the lines are easy to find will do so, and they will consult with the customer about how much painting is to be done.

Call Scottish Power Before Digging!

Call the Scottish Power phone number before digging, and ensure the Scottish Power painting crew has arrived at the house to show where the power lines are. The power lines are easy to mark, and they are easier to display when they are close to the surface. Flags are used to show where painting has been done, and the work crew will arrive as soon as possible. They will give the customer all they need to ensure they are safe, and they will do the work as quickly as possible.